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Want to Start Balancing Your Hormones with PCOS?

Follow the approach is helping women with PCOS

  • lose weight

  • get their periods back

  • Get their energy back

  • Increase fertility

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I Tried EVERYTHING And NOTHING Seem to Work Until I...

Getting diagnosed with PCOS became a life sentence. The constant weight gain, always feeling tired, growing facial hair and not getting my period meant I also wasn't getting pregnant - it was a NIGHTMARE! And I tried EVERYTHING and NOTHING seemed to work - diets, exercise, pills, medications, acupuncture, detox juices!

And then it hit me, I was wasting my time and money on strategies that were making my PCOS worse! I had to do something different. So I did the research, and this time, I learned something new... and I tried something new, and guess what happened...

  • I lost 30 lbs

  • I stop feeling tired all day

  • I got my period back

  • I got my sex drive back

I Started Feeling Like Myself Again

And to be honest, I was confused to why my PCOS symptoms were improving. I’ve been trying to manage my PCOS for the last 10 years, but suddenly, I’m losing weight and my periods are regular. And then I realized what was different this time! I learned what I was doing wrong! So I started teaching other women with PCOS what I learned and guess what?! Other women with PCOS started to balance their hormones too! And that’s why I created my Path to PCOS Wellness! In this program, you will learn how start improving your PCOS within weeks and learn the right habits and routines to make this a lasting change!

Join the Program!

The Path to PCOS Wellness Program a 12-week group coaching program that teaches you the nutrition and lifestyle changes that you NEED to finally start balancing your hormones!

What's Included...

Modules 1 - 3

Modules 4 - 6

You'll also get access to...

  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls During these calls, you have the opportunity to ask me your questions! And you’ll have the opportunity to learn from other women who are on the same journey as you! (Value $400)

  • Weekly Video Lessons These videos will teach you everything that you need to know about PCOS and how to balance your hormones so you can reach your goals!(Value $199)

  • 5-Day PCOS Sprint (Meal Plan) so you can jumpstart your hormonal balance and reduce your sugar cravings! (Value $47)

  • Access to the Member Community This community will allow you to meet other women with PCOS and stay accountable during the challenge (Value $97)

  • PCOS-Friendly Menu so knowing what to eat will be easy ($27)

  • PCOS-Friendly Food List so that you'll know which foods will help you on your journey ($27)

  • List of Foods to Avoid so you'll know which foods are going to cause the weight gain ($27)

  • PCOS-Friendly Exercise Plan so you know that your exercises are helping you to lose weight ($27)

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