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Where to Start on Your PCOS Journey

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

Recently, I sent a survey to over 5,000 women with PCOS asking what was holding them back on their PCOS Journey. Can you guess what their answer was? Well, let me tell you... Not knowing where to start on your PCOS Journey.

I totally get it. I'm guessing your doctor wasn't too helpful and when you Google PCOS, you're probably even more confused or you wind up spending a lot of money on supplements/vitamins, trainers, etc. and aren't seeing results. Or you're wasting your time on diets that was never designed to even help your PCOS. With all of these options, how do you decide what is the right option for you? Where do you start? In this post, I'm going to share the three things you need to get started on your PCOS Journey so you can finally start seeing improvements in your PCOS Symptoms.

#1 Commitment. The first thing that you need is commitment. Commitment is the willingness to do what it takes to get your desired outcome. And before you question your commitment, I would argue and consider yourself having some level of commitment. Why? Because you probably have some type of degree, job, relationship or whatever! And you don't just have those things just because. You demonstrated some level of commitment. But don't confuse commitment with perfection. You don't to be perfect on your PCOS Journey. You can make mistakes. And you know this is true because even the best doctor or lawyer didn't make straight A's. I'm sure there were some B's, C's and maybe even some D's and F's. Just remember, you just have to keep going!

#2 Clarity. You need to know how PCOS impacts your body AND your next step. Let's first talk about knowing how PCOS impacts your body. One of the problems that I see in this PCOS World is that most people refer to PCOS as a reproductive disorder. While, that is true, PCOS also impacts your overall health. That's why some of the common symptoms with PCOS are

  • fatigue

  • controllable sugar cravings

  • easy to gain weight/hard to lose weight

  • digestive problems (I call them bathroom attacks!)

  • anxiety/depression

  • increased risk of developing Type 2 diabetes

Yes, absent and irregular periods, infertility, etc. are symptoms of PCOS, but that's not the only things we're struggling with. So, I recommend that you get a journal a write down your symptoms.

Now, let's talk about the second part of clarity: your next steps. One of the mistakes that I made on my journey was, planning every step of my journey. Now, this is not necessary. Why? Because you really don't know what the future holds and...

#3 Consistent Action.

After you know what to do, you have to keep doing it! But the number one mistake that I see women do is rely on willpower and motivation! You get excited about starting something new, maybe a new diet, a new exercise program and you are on it for a few days or maybe a few weeks. And then you miss a day and then two days and now you're relying on your willpower and to be honest, you're not even motivated to wake up to exercise or meal prep! Ugh! So now, you're back at your start and are probably feeling ashamed or guilty because you couldn't stay on track. Or maybe you're questioning your discipline. And that's why I help women to develop a lifestyle so falling off track is no longer an issue. And if you don't believe this is possible, then tell me how many times you got stuck on the side of the road because you ran out of gas. Obviously, it's possible, but because you fill your tank up before it hits "E" is your system or lifestyle to keep your car driving. And this is exactly what I help women to do: creating a system so you can start improving your symptoms quickly and for you to see lasting results!

I hope that this information was helpful for you! And this is exactly why I created The PCOS Tribe! Inside of the Tribe, you're going to...

  • How to Eat with PCOS

  • How to Exercise with PCOS

  • How to Control Your Sugar Cravings

  • How to Finally Start Losing Weight

Click here to learn more about The PCOS Tribe!


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